Bday Gift Guide ✨

Bday Gift Guide ✨

The other day Swells got a write-in about the Vogue Clicquot tee being used as a 21st Birthday gift.... um, cayute!! Why this thought hadn't dawned on me before, I do not know. But to the gal that passed along this sweet btw, I thank you!!

Of course, I couldn't stop at just sharing that the Vogue Clicquot tee makes a great go-to prezzie. So, I rounded up a list of other fun trinkets to add some pizazz to your gift bag... some are gifts I've personally received. Others are items I'd be so excited to unwrap!

Personal Recs

1. Fun phone case: I love when friends give me a new phone case for bday gifts. It's a fun thing you get to use every day, and even more, you think of that friend every time you use your device. A best friend of mine did this with me throughout college, and I'm so glad she sparked this gift-giving trend for me in the future.

Want to go the extra mile? Personalize it!

2. Hair ties: A practical gift, yes. But, if you're like me, you never buy hair ties. Is it weird to admit I somehow have accumulated a collection that I literally don't know where each came from? I feel like every hair tie I have was found at the bottom of an old purse, or left behind from a friend... Ok I digress, and I definitely am oversharing. Point is, this is a fun pop-in that doesn't break the bank, and it's also used daily!

3. Birthday Cups/ Personalized Drinkwear: Nothing says special occasion like a custom glass!! Gifting a little item like this is an easy find, and it always reminds the recipient of their fun night of celebrations.

Things I Think Would Be Cute

 1. Air pods case: Same lines as the phone case, but for a different device. There's practicality here too, because the recipient will never pick up the wrong 'pods again!

2. Drink Shaker: Add in a festive drink shaker to go with those custom glasses. What a fun way to elevate a birthday cocktail!

3. PJ Harlow's: No, I didn't just say "pajama shorts." I said PJ Harlow's. My friend passionately introduced me to the brand, and I now understand why. These are the bestttt sleep shorts. I feel luxurious just looking at them!!

Cheers, and HBD!

- Wells


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