Gently x Garden Party West

Gently x Garden Party West

Summer 2021 was filled with a lot of growth for Swells of Splendor, making it more than appropriate for its new arrivals to deal with blooming florals. Both the Poppy Collection and the Garden Party collections were created during my participation in UGA's Summer Launch program, where I learned alongside 4 other individuals how to build strong foundations for a new business. 

We business owners became fast friends, and I still count my lucky stars I was able to learn from all of them for 8 weeks. One in particular, Kristen Dunning, is the inspiration for the Garden Party + Garden Party West collections, and I couldn't be more honored. 

Kristen's business at the time was Gentlyan herbal soap company created for those with eczema. I use the past tense because she's since started another business, called The Herby Box-- girl boss in the truest sense of the word, I know. Both endeavors revolve around botanicals, teaching us how easy it is to integrate Mother Nature's gifts into daily routine. 

The Garden Party collection is still my most speedily-created collection to-date, thanks to Kristen's intentional product making + styling. Many of her soaps have dried herbs daintily resting atop various body butters or bars of soap. I love this sweet touch. So, I drew a cluster of flowers modeled after each of Kirsten's soap garnishes, and in imperfect lines to represent their dried state. 

The simple, feminine, and sophisticated result mirrors that of Kristen and her business(s). She creates products with care, intentionality, and intellect (I've never met someone more knowledgeable about plants!!), and I'm so grateful to call her a friend. Kristen, thanks for sharing a little bit of Gently on Swells of Splendor, and thanks for inspiring us all!!

xo, wells

PS, here are the coolest people you'll ever meet, aka my Summer Launch Teammates!! From Left: Valeria Brenner (ThryftShip), Nick Harrison, Worth McFall (Somewhere Waffle), and Kristen Dunning (Gently)!


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